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So I took a few days to write this review just to think about the book.

This book was weird. While reading it, I really cared about Sam and Grace. I wanted them to be happy. Thinking back on it, I find that I just don't care as much. That's odd for me. Normally, once I latch onto a character, I love them for life. I can't even really say what I liked about them while reading it. Neither one seemed all that special. I mean, sure, Sam is a werewolf, but who isn't in YA these days? It's different that they only change when it's cold. And I did feel bad for him and his messed up childhood with what his parents did to him. But that's it. Now. But while reading Shiver, I thought he was just awesome. I'm not going to act like I wasn't relieved when he was human at the end though.

This started pretty slowly for me. Some people enjoy that easy going start. I'm not one of those people. Overall, the action in this book was lacking. The end was decent however. I never would have guessed that by getting them sick, they could be cured. Well, not for Jack, but... Whatever. He was a jerk anyway. Aside from the romance, there didn't seem to be much of anything. Which for a romance is fine, but I expected more. I don't even know why. All I have ever heard about this book is that it is a good romance. I just think werewolves, so there must be something more to it. Not really.

Meh. Nothing special. Could have been my hometown. Which is fine.

This is why Shiver is getting four stars from me. Because despite everything complaint I just had, the writing drew me in. I wanted to read me. Some parts were downright lyrical, folks. If you want romance and pretty writing, this is the book for you. If you need some action to go along with it, pass this one up.

Kill Me Softly

Meh. This was okay. I thought the story had a great premise.

I really loved the idea of Beau Rivage. But I think there was so much more that Cross could have done to give it more personality. I mean, she had this FAIRY TALE TOWN for goodness' sake. Liven it up. Instead the kids spent their time at concerts and beaches and getting drunk at parties. Seriously? Couldn't they do something more fairytale-ish? What? Was Cross trying to show the readers that the story characters are just like regular teens? Then there is no point. I just wish there could have been more. Except for the candy cottage, there wasn't much to say that it was very different than any other town.

There is a slew of characters here, and some I like more than others. Obviously. But it is more because of how they are written than because of the characters themselves. Take Viv for instance. There is so much more that could have been done with 'Snow White'. Like, I don't know. Make her actually like SNOW WHITE instead of some spoiled brat. Or make Freddie more three dimensional instead of a doormat who just wants to be a hero. Give these characters some depth.

This is new for me. I usually don't focus on them as much, but since this book was nothing but relationships, here we are.
Blue/Mira- They're both dumb. Blue was wasting his time, pining over a girl in love with his brother. Honestly, if it took her that long to figure Felix out, she deserved to have the life sucked out of her.
Felix/Mira- What an idiot! All the signs were there. I get that he could 'charm' her, but she even considered the truth and still rejected it. I wanted there to be a spin so badly. Like maybe Felix saving Mira from Blue, but no. Predictable.
Freddie/Mira- Basically everyone and Mira. I mean, come on. He was like a wet, sad puppy. And even worse, that's all he was meant to be. I really wanted some closure for him. Like for him to get with a fairy or something. Just so he isn't the nice loser at the end.
Viv/Henley- What kind of messed up relationship is this? Basically, he is destined to simultaneously love and hate her. She teases and drags him around. It was just annoying.
Layla/Rafe- Honestly, I think this had the potential to be the most interesting relationship in the story, but they nearly completely ignored it. Barely gets a mention. Of course, Beauty and the Beast was always one of my favs, so I'm biased.

So predictable. The only surprise would have been Mira finding her parents. Otherwise, you knew who the bad guy was. You knew what he was going to do. You knew who was going to save her. I kept hoping that something would pop up and surprise me, but no. 

I really really liked the idea of this book, which is how it earned the three stars. But the execution left something to be desired.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Wonder Woman: Warbringer
Leigh Bardugo

Page 140
Slow starter, but it is definitely picking 
up some steam.

I'm back! And ready to read some books, baby! Stay tuned! :)

Friday, December 16, 2016

Stealing Snow

Stealing Snow (Stealing Snow, #1)Stealing Snow by Danielle Paige
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

First, the names in this aren't my favorite. I mean, Snow? Seriously. Yes, she controls the snow. Sure. But Paige really could have come up with something better than Snow. And Jagger? Like, hey, look at me. I'm a bad ass. Nope. And Algid. Sucks. The names just suck. Period. Moving on. The pacing at the beginning of the book took a bit too long for my liking. I get that she wanted back story so we'd all know how Snow how suffered in Whittaker. That way she could bemoan it later. It just took forever. Like 1/3 of the book. I just couldn't bring myself to care about the Robbers. Oh, and her precious Bale. OMG! I am so over Bale already and he is barely in the book. Was actually hoping they'd just let him die at the end. Sure he had his own little surprise, but I don't care. Move with Kai.

Ah, Kai. I liked him. He was the only character that came off as not pretending through the book, even in the end. I just have a feeling he knew exactly what was going on. He knew who he cared about and didn't let that sway him. Also, I like that he doesn't do magic. I don't know how I feel about the magic in this book. Everything is elemental or potions. That's different, but I'll have to read more to decide how much I care for it.

1. Kai
2. River Witch
3. Snow
4. Greta

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Killer Instinct - 4 Stars

Title: Killer Instincts
Author: Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Series: The Naturals (2)
Format: Hardback
Source: CHS

So over the trope of the new girl showing up and being so special that the guys just have to fawn over her because she's just too precious. Seriously. It's like they have to prove their masculinity by always fighting over and protecting her. Let her get herself out the trouble that she gets herself into. Cassie is a big girl. Yet Michael and Dean act like she is completely unable to handle the real world. Granted both of them, along with Lia and probably Sloane too, have seen more, but she has been through plenty. Even in just the first book. She can take it. And if she can get herself into these scrapes then surely she can claw her way back out.

The mystery of the book was fantastic. Okay, so I guessed that  Clark and Christopher were the killers that's true, but [ I did not have any clue that there would be a third killer.  That threw me. Also, I love that Lia is honest enough (haha) to tell Cassie about her problems when everyone else is handling her with kid gloves. She gets in her face and straightens out whatever misgiving Cassie has. Honestly, it makes Cassie tolerable. I hate the female protag who can do no wrong and is all fragile while every male rushes to her rescue. Oh, and Cassie finally choosing Dean yay!

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Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter - 1 Star

Title: Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter
Series: Aurora Sky
Author: Nikki Jefford
Pages: 256
Source: Kindle Freebie
Format: Kindle

- Um, the grammar was okay, I guess

- The plot, the characters, the setting. Everything.
- Didn't buy the romance. Not even a little. It was shallow and horrible. Nope.
- Aurora so so whiney. If they could have picked a worse vampire hunter, it would have been a miracle. She's ungrateful that they saved her. Even if she didn't want to work for them, she should at least be thankful for that much. She's rude and wants everything her way. Couldn't stand her.
- I'm not even sure what the plot was meant to be. It didn't go anywhere. Did she kill a few vampires? Yes, but to what end? Nothing was achieved.
- Her mother was so obnoxiously absent. She didn't care that her daughter was now supposed to be killing these monsters. Didn't care that Dante is just whisking her off to who knows where. She buried her head in the sand. She acts all mad that her daughter has a "dangerous-looking boyfriend" but thinks nothing of her going off to hunt blood-sucking monsters. And she just takes these stranger's word for it that her daughter can do it. Worst part of the book